June 24, 2007

Audeli's Birthday Cake

Audeli has been a friend for about 5 years now and is a big fan of the color green. As soon as she set a date for her birthday celebration at a beautiful park in the peninsula, she contacted me about a cake. Audeli's was interested in a light and fruity cake for her summer/spring-themed barbeque. I suggested a Classic Vanilla Bean Cake with Mango Bavarian Cream and a Sour Cherry compote. With no hesitation she concurred and sent me off to create the cake.

When designing the cake, i kept in mind her fresh, spring/summer-theme and created sugar Tulip buds & frilly Roses.

The cake was a hit with the guests and Audeli said it was "Muy delicioso!"

-Audely's Birthday Cake was created June.23.2007

June 14, 2007

Gold India Cake

This cake was one many months in the making. After being inspired by a beautiful wedding cake seen in a "Food Network Wedding Cake Challenge" a few months back, an idea for an indian-style cake was conceived. And since my Mother's church friends were throwing her a party, I, your neighborhood friendly pastry chef, was commissioned to create a cake. My mother, Irma, loves nutty flavors and asked me to make an intense flavored almond cake. After some experimenting, i created a Toasted Almond Torte. I wont reveal my mothers age but if its any indication, i was asked to use gold in the decor of the cake.

The Almond Torte was light, moist and very nutty, just as my mother requested. Happy Birthday mom!

-Mom's Birthday Cake was created June.3.2007

June 8, 2007

First Wedding Cake

Just recently I had the opportunity of making (my first official) wedding cake for Luz. Luz hosted a beautiful wedding for her niece at a vineyard in Woodside, California. She requested a classic Toasted Almond Cake with Vanilla Buttercream adorned with burgundy flowers and beige accents. I used Red organic Hybrid Tea Roses and burgandy Spider Orchids.

As I entered the reception hall, I was taken back by the amazing views of the Peninsula and I noticed the table set up right in the middle of the amazing view. Thats when I realized that this cake was my first official wedding cake. I was ecstatic!

-Wedding Cake was created May.31.2007