July 8, 2007

Cheesecake Wedding Cake

After seeing this blog, Lea, my mother-in-law's co-worker, decided to alleviate her stress and have me make her a wedding cake. Right from the start she knew exactly the kind of cake she wanted for her niece's wedding. She requested a 2-tier New York Style Cheesecake- the bottom tier being Espresso Cheesecake with an oreo cookie crust and the top tier Lemon Cream Cheesecake with an almond cookie crust. Later that week she decided to add a middle tier and have it be a Classic Vanilla Bean Cake with Chocolate Cream filling.

She sent me about a 1-inch swatch of her shade of beige and asked that i used that in the design of the cake but left the rest of the details up to me.

Pulled an all nighter with this one!

-Cheesecake Wedding Cake July.7.2007


Alan said...

Any recommendations for recipes and how to stack the cheesecakes? I am having a family friend who went to culinary school attempt a wedding cheesecake for me and she wasn't sure how to go about stacking such a heavy cake!

Daniel said...

Hi Alan- Any reliable sturdy cheesecake recipe will work. I would recommend maybe a Martha Stewart cheesecake recipe since her recipes usually are simple and tend to work out well. The cooled baked cheesecakes can then be stacked directly on top of each other and iced with buttercream (and fondant if applicable). Of course if stacking multiple tiers you will need supports (such as wooden dowels) throughout the cake for stability.

Good luck =)

Jet'set said...

Hi Daniel-
I'm so happy to have found your blog. You have created some beautiful works of art! Thanks for the tips above- The reception for our wedding that was on the
8th is next week and weren't sure it was possible to stack cheesecake and have it look beautiful- You've clearly done it! Anything else you can reccomend for this style of cake??

Staci said...


Doesn't the cakes need to be kept cool or they will spoil.. How is that accomplished at a wedding?

Daniel Saravia said...

Hi Staci,

Cheesecake can stay at room temperature from 2-3 hours so you will need to plan the delivery accordingly. A cheesecake wedding cake probably would not work if it was an outdoor reception.



Anonymous said...


Wondering what sizes the cakes were? Also if they were large cakes how did you bake (time and temp)?



Daniel Saravia said...


Cheesecakes usually bake at 325-350*F and anywhere from 60-85 minutes depending on their size and the recipe you are using.

Each tier has a standard height of 4 inches. The bottom tier, if I recall correctly, is 10 inches in diameter, the middle tier is an 8 incher and the top a six.

Thanks for your question!

Rachel said...

Hi, my name is Rachel Shockey and I'm going to be making my sister's wedding cake in October. I'm very experienced with baking, especially with cheesecakes but this is my first wedding cake. She wants just one tier and I wondered if you might be able to supply me with some tips on how you do one tier and how you get it smooth. Did you use a buttercream or fondont?

Shelli said...

Daniel - How much did this cake cost you to make? Do you know what I would be likely to pay for a cake like this at my wedding? My fiance absolutely hates icing... but I still want something elegant looking... and we definately think cheesecake is the way to go!

AngryBunni said...

Hi Daniel! I stumbled across this blog and was very excited to see that a wedding cheesecake has been attempted and looks great!

I have no pastry chef experience, just an artist's eye. I plan on making my own wedding cheesecake- nothing too fancy but I do have a question about baking a large size, i.e. 14-16 inches. How long should you bake using a 3" deep, 14" round pan for? All of my trials have used 8" and I have winged it but haven't found anything on the web as of now. Thank you!!

Also, I'm assuming you stacked your cheesecakes to make each layer tall- does the weight affect the bottom layer?

Kelley Willig said...

Hi Daniel: I am attempting to make a cheesecake wedding cake for a friend. I bought a three tier cake stand so I will not have to layer them. I want to do a simple white design with fresh roses. My question is, will I have to buttercream frost the cheesecake before covering it with fondant? If so, would I do this when the cheesecake is frozen? Please describe the steps for me. Thanks!

rachel135 said...

Hi, can you upload a video on how to make a 2 tier cheesecake because I can't find one anywhere and I have to make one on mothers day.