October 21, 2007

Bobby's 20th

Spending a weekend with the Collins was the much deserved mini-vacation i had been wishing for. And since Bobby's birthday had just passed the weekend before, Lauren and I (the dynamic duo!) scrambled to create a cake. Bobby is quite the athlete so L thought it would be an awesome idea to create a football helmet cake with B's favorite football team, the SF 49ers.

L and i had the most FUN making this cake! The process was as enjoyable as seeing the finished piece.

Lauren's abstract representation of FrankBank

The Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake with Nutella and Sliced Strawberries tasted amazing and, most importantly, Bobby liked it... and from what i've heard, he's quite the picky eater.

-Bobby's 20th Birthday Cake was created October.08.2007


Coco-Canny's said...

DAN!!!!!! ur amazing! love the newest cake!!!

Miss Katzie said...

ahh the pictures arent showwing uppp

Miss Katzie said...

ahh so cute! or not cute...manly...you know that someday you will be doing my wedding cake right?

Lmaha114 said...

Aww! That's awesome! You even put the picture of my little fondant Frankie! Cute cute cute. That was an awesome cake. Simply delicioso *snap* =)