November 26, 2007

Black on White

This cake was VERY last minute (thanks Dad) but done with lots of love! The design was up to me so I decided to go with a concept I've had in mind for quite a while- here's its first manifestation. Im sure it'll make another appearance in the near future.

-Chocolate Fudge Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache was created November.16.2007


Miss Katzie said...

pretty cake...I dont know how last minute it looks are too good! Oh and im back....kinda took a break for a bit

Daniel said...

Last minute as in i started it at 11pm and finished at 5 am! Thanks =)

we could grow up together said...


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That looks gorgeous!I can't believe how artisitc cake designers are - truely inspiring!

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