February 28, 2010


Last time I attempted this fabric-like design was for Debbie's birthday cake about 2 years ago. Although that cake was well received, it did not match up to the vision in my mind. I think its safe to say my second attempt at the frilly ruffles was a success.

Top tier: Caramel Swirled Vanilla Bean Cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream
Bottom tier: Toasted Almond Cake with Lemon Curd and Vanilla Bean Buttercream

The Coulson's 25th anniversary cake created February.26th.2010

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Frannie said...

Once a week I google a word or phrase to see where it brings me.
This week my phrase was "fabric monger"

OH MY GOODNESS!! What a lovely place to find myself. I adore your fabric like design. What a treat for the eyes. I imagine it tastes as wonderful as it looks.