November 8, 2010

Red and White Wedding

Been holding on to this photo for a while now. Here is a Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Bean Custard and Sliced Strawberries that I made for one of my very favorite clients. Marie, you are always a pleasure to work with!

Red and White Wedding

Blessings to the newlyweds!
=) Daniel


Frannie said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel!
Simply beautiful eleganthic cakes - that's your cake! :)
I hope I can make cakes as beautiful as yours! :)

My Isobelle said...

I LOVE YOUR cakes! You're the best! Thanks always for being so available when I order my cakes! Great to see you today!

Monginis Foods Pvt Ltd said...

Hello Danie,

I really appreciate your creativity and skills thanks and good job..:)