June 8, 2007

First Wedding Cake

Just recently I had the opportunity of making (my first official) wedding cake for Luz. Luz hosted a beautiful wedding for her niece at a vineyard in Woodside, California. She requested a classic Toasted Almond Cake with Vanilla Buttercream adorned with burgundy flowers and beige accents. I used Red organic Hybrid Tea Roses and burgandy Spider Orchids.

As I entered the reception hall, I was taken back by the amazing views of the Peninsula and I noticed the table set up right in the middle of the amazing view. Thats when I realized that this cake was my first official wedding cake. I was ecstatic!

-Wedding Cake was created May.31.2007


Ana said...

Daniel, that's totally gorgeous. Were those real flowers?

robin said...

go make some business cards so i can pass them out to my friends!

Daniel Saravia said...

Hi Ana! In response to your comment, they are real flowers. Of course i could have made some sugar paste roses and orchids, but it was a last minute dealy.